A non-sent letter to an Albanian friend

Dear Astrit,

First, I hope you are about to finish your degree in Architecture. Remember you promised me to design the plans of my concrete and glass summerhouse. I am getting tired of my Castle’s ancient style and you know how much I love modern architectonics, specially Moneo´s cubes and Foster’s towers.

I remember our days in Detroit, living in the old residence close to Lawrence Technological University. Due to the lack of entertainments, I spent the whole day studying Philosophy whereas you watched TV until the early rising. Well, I am a bit unfair: you worked too, but not too much, and only the day before. We talked about girls, Europe, businesses, life, and war in Balkans, so that we both learned many things one with another. However, you must understand I might not forget your poor abilities to play football, basketball or ping-pong; but you are such a nice person I am not going to consider it.

I was very happy those months in America: people were very kind and pleasant with me, more than in some other place. Despite their particular social life, they know what they want, you can trust on most of them, and they do not despise what they ignore. World has changed since then: deaths, terrorism, politics, but I am still studying, so I guess my future is becoming darker and darker.

Thanks for driving me to buy food at Supermarket once a week, and for that wonderful travel to Chicago: I dream with those huge skyscrapers from time to time, and I am still waiting for the photographs we took with your camera from the highest floor of Sears Towers. Some day, I wish you to construct in a similar way, but always you conclude that Physics of Materials is more important than Computer Arts, no matter how complex the new programs to design are.

Are you still practicing wrestling? Do you have a girlfriend now? What about your family? Will you come back to Albania, or do you stay in America, earning much more money than I do? These are questions I wonder when I thought about you, but my special sense tells me everything is more than okay for you.

Please, give my best regards to Artur and Chip. I can see them drinking beers in those long journeys and laughing at me the last day because of my behaviour. I miss them too a lot. Be sure we will join in the next future dancing in Ibiza or Madrid, maybe with our wifes. Until that date, take profit of your intelligence and blood, and do not let time to pass over you.

Your roommate,